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Birds Iskandarkul

A 300 square kilometers (120 sq mi) tract of land including the lake and surrounding mountains has been designated a nature reserve. As well as the lake itself, habitats found in the reserve include rivers, water meadows, broad-leaved and juniper forests, mountain shrub-land and sub-alpine meadows.

Over half of the reserve, comprising 177 square kilometers (68 sq mi), has been identified by Birdlife International as an Important Bird Area because it supports significant numbers of the populations of various bird species, either as residents or as breeding or passage migrants.

Picturesque Lake

The most beautiful Lake Iskandarkul in unique with picturesque views

Iskanderkul Lake

Iskanderkul Lake 

The lake Iskanderkul Lake the biggest lake of the Fann Mountains, is located at the height of 2068 m above sea level. The lake has the form of the wrong triangle with the rounded-off corners. Its area is 3.5, the largest depth is 72.0 m. almost no aquatic life is seen in the lake due to the high concentration of minerals and only small loaches survive in waters like this.  The set of legends is connected with the Lake Iskanderkul. According to one of them, Alexander of Macedon a great military leader and conqueror once passed with his army through the Fann Mountains, and during the camp of the commander on the coast of the lake, the favorite horse of Alexander — Bucephalus sank in it. By the way, and the lake is obliged by its name to the grand conqueror of antiquity — the name Alexander in Central Asia was pronounced as Iskander. 

Fann Mountains

The area is ideal for organizing hiking tours lasting several days. Going from one valley to another, from one beautiful lake to another no less stunning, via numerous rocky outcrops with occasional hanging glaciers, tourists can’t help but recognize the fantastic environment through which they are travelling.

The Fan Mountains are a popular tourist destination situated in north-west Tajikistan. The Fan Mountains area is convenient for visiting. A paved road from Dushanbe going to the largest Pamir-Alai Lake – Lake Iskandarkul – leads to this place via the 3,372m Anzob Pass. Another paved road runs from Panjakent. One more road from Khujand runs through Istravshan (formerly Uroteppa), and the 3,351m Shahriston Pass. The Fan Mountains area road system includes both paved and unpaved roads.
Among the most beautiful and interesting peaks (from a mountaineer’s point of view) are Chapdara (5,050m), Bodkhona (5,138m), Zamok (5,070m), Maria (4,970m), Mirali (5,120m), and Zindon (4,800m). Both the good and the ordinary routes on the south and west sides of Chimtarga (5,487m), the highest peak of Fan Mountains, lead to its top.
Besides the high peaks and narrow valleys with their noisy streams, which are typical for the Fan Mountains, there are also about 30 clear lakes of a variety of colours. To the south of the main range is Lake Iskandarkul – 2.5km in length, 1km wide, and about 72m deep, at an altitude of 2,255m – on the shores of which a hostel with the same name is situated. Apparently, this lake came into existence several thousand years ago as the result of a landslide. The water in the lake is bluish-green, slightly turbid and very cold, so only the bravest dare swim there.
From the north, the Serima River flows into the lake, from the west, the Saritag River (with the largest volume of water), and from the south, Hazor-Mech River. Only one river, Iskandar-Darya, flows out of the lake. It has a waterfall which cannot be seen from the road and one has to come close to it to enjoy its charming beauty. There are almost no fish in the lake because of the concentration of minerals in it. Only small loach (similar to catfish), survive in such water.


Istaravshan is a museum city, the ancient center of trade and crafts, one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. In 2002 Istaravshan widely celebrated 2,500 anniversary of the city. The city was founded in the sixth century B.C. by an Akhemenid king Cyrus who fortified the settlement by means of three wall lines and a citadel.

Only the gate with a dome and columns on the sides has survived on Mug Hill where the residence of the local governor used to be. During the years of Arabian sovereignty, Istaravshan became a province Arabian Caliphate. It was at this time when Islamic architectural structures of portal-dome design such as mosques, madrasahs, mausoleums, minarets, etc. started to appear.

In the second -seventh centuries B.C. the ancient sentiment Mugteppa was located on the territory of Istaravshan. Mugteppa was the residence of the local aristocracy who erected there numerous palaces distinguished by original expressive architecture. The evidence of that was found in Bundzhikat (Kala and Kakh-Kakh) and Chil’khudzhra settlements which had fortified structures with palaces and cult buildings decorated with paintings and carved panels. For example, in Bundzhikat the archaeologists found the painting with the image of a she-wolf feeding two babies – the symbol of contacts between the West and the Orient.

Iskandarkul Lake 1 day

Check out of Dushanbe hotel at 7 am. Departure to Iskandarkul Lake (135 km from Dushanbe, 3 hours). Arrival in Iskandarkul Lake at 10 am.

In this trip you will:
 – enjoy the genuinely beautiful landscapes
 – explore the sky touching peaks of Hisor Mountains
 – see the legendary Lake Iskandarkul
 – enjoy the waterfall with the height of 38 m
 – taste delicious Tajik foods
 – visit 5 springs
 – Zmeinoe Lake


Tourists 5 10
Per person in USD 45 39
Transport 4×4 jeep 4×4 jeeps
Water 1L. bottled water p/p 1L. bottled water p/p
Guide (speaks your language) (speaks your language)



Short the North

The guide will meet you at your hotel. In your trip to the north of Tajikistan, you will taste the most famous foods, explore famous monuments and experience the change of Tajik culture. In 2 days and one night you will visit:

Day 1 DushanbeKhujand
Day 2 KhujandDushanbe


Tourists 5 10 15
Per person in USD 98 61 53
Water 1L. bottled water p/p 1L. bottled water p/p 1L. bottled water p/p
Guide (speaks your language) (speaks your language) (speaks your language)
Accommodation 1 night in the hotel, in Khujand city 1 night in the hotel, in Khujand city 1 night in the hotel, in Khujand city
Transport One Minibus One Minibus One Minibus



Explore the North

The guide will meet you at your hotel. In your trip to the north

of Tajikistan, you will taste the foods, explore the culture

and experience the change of Tajik culture.

In five days and five nights you will visit:


Tourists 5 10
Per person in USD 400 267
Included Guide (speaks your language)
  Accommodation for 5day/nights Hotels, Home Stays, Guest Houses
  Meals Breakfast
  Transport One Minibus


Trek Fann Mountains

The many mountains of Tajikistan are ideal for mountaineering. The Pamir Mountains are popular with climbers, as are the beautiful Fan Mountains, which offer a good variety of ice climbs at different levels of difficulty.