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10 days in the East

The guide will meet you at your hotel. In your trip to the East of Tajikistan, you will taste the most famous foods, explore famous monuments and experience the change of Tajik culture. In 10 days and 10 nights you will visit:

Day 1 DushanbeKalai Khumb
Day 2 Kalai Khumb
Day 3 Kalai KhumbKhorugh
Day 4 KhorughIshkoshim
Day 5 IshkashimKhorughKalai Khumb
Day 6 Kalai KhumbDushanbeHisor
Day 7 Hisor
Day 8 HisorPanjakent
Day 9 PanjakentKhujand
Day 10 KhujandIstaravshanDushanbe


Tourists 10 14
Per person in USD 960 892
Transport 4×4 jeeps 4×4 jeeps
Water 1L. bottled water p/p 1L. bottled water p/p
Guide (speaks your language) (speaks your language)
Accommodation Hotels, Home Stays, Guest Houses Hotels, Home Stays, Guest Houses


Explore the North

The guide will meet you at your hotel. In your trip to the north

of Tajikistan, you will taste the foods, explore the culture

and experience the change of Tajik culture.

In five days and five nights you will visit:


Tourists 5 10
Per person in USD 400 267
Included Guide (speaks your language)
  Accommodation for 5day/nights Hotels, Home Stays, Guest Houses
  Meals Breakfast
  Transport One Minibus


Close to Varzob

It is widely known as a small geographic area close to Dushanbe in the basin of the Varzob River, crossing the central part of the southern slopes of the Hisor range. There are juniper, walnut, maple, apple, cherry plum, and hawthorn trees, and shrubby arboreal vegetation. There is a fairly deep round pool here filled with ice-cold water, a fine spray from the waterfall and a current powerful enough to send one sprawling.

A day in nature

You don’t need to travel 1000 kilometres

Now the wilderness of “Varzob” is just 35km from your hotel.

You witness the breathtaking views

Pure Nature

1 hour

Victory Park – the uniqueness of the pure nature

With the beauty of flowers and verdant view of the hills

The nature

40 minutes

It is possible to see the wilderness  without getting out of the city

Park Iram” one of the best picturesque views of Dushanbe city

Pamir Mountain Explorer

The highlights of Pamir Mountain Explorer are Yashilkul, Zaroshkul, and Chapdara Lakes with amazing untouched sceneries of the mountains. The route takes you along the border between the Eastern and Western Pamirs, through high mountains at altitudes between 3600 and 4600 m. The horse riding adventure is combined with jeep tour either from Dushanbe to Khorog, via Wakhan (or Shokhdara) valley to Murghab and Bulunkul, or from Osh to Kisil-Art-Murghab-Bulunkul. Short trekking routes are always possible.

Horse Riding

There is no better way to negotiate the ruggedly beautiful wilderness of Tajikistan than on horseback.

Horse Trekking is one of the best ways to truly explore Tajikistan – from River banks that stretch as far as the eye can see, to snowy mountain peaks and enchanting native forests. Riding on horseback allows you to get back to nature and enjoy the solitude and harmony of the Tajikistan wilderness.
This ride in Tajikistan is called the Pamir Mountain Explorer.On this vacation you’ll ride through the “Roof of the World” – mountains formed by the junction or knot of the Himalayas, Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, and the Hindu Kush ranges. This is an area reserved for just a handful of adventurers each year. This is one of the most breathtaking regions in the world with mineral peaks and snowy plateaus dominated by glaciers and dramatic valleys that are home to shepherds. It’s is home to the elusive snow leopard.

Victory Park

With the best views over the city, this hilltop park makes a tranquil spot in which to enjoy a shaded stroll. The park encompasses a well-kept WWII monument and there is a teahouse selling brews of all sorts (including beer). Sitting in one of the leafy bowers watching the sunset is a classic capital pastime.

Pamir Botanical Garden

Pamir Botanical Garden

Pamir Botanical Garden bounded by Lombardy poplars is based just 4 km away and over Khorog, on the high terrace between Gunt and Shahdara rivers. Planted at the altitude of 2320 meteres above sea level its only conceded in altitude to Darjiling garden on the south slopes of Himalaya mountains where the climate is warmer and much more humid in comparison with severe Pamiri’s climate.
Garden staff carries out researchers over the Badakhshan endemic fruit and ornamental plants, vegetables as well as experiment acclimatizing the foreign plants.
The plants here include: Mulberry, Apricot, Peach, Cherry, Plum, Blackberry, Nut, Apple, Pear trees, and even Grapes now bring heavy harvest. Strawberry and Raspberry are also feel good here. The vegetable section includes Cabbage, Potatoes, Cucumbers and even heat loving tomatoes.
Potatoes were first introduced here only in 1925, despite it originally comes from Central and South America with the same geographical conditions as in Tajikistan – the first harvest was poor with bad quality and taste. Tubers were small like plum and the taste was disgusting. In 1934 seed potatoes were planted to give good results and now planted everywhere in abundance even over 3000 metres above sea level.
There are only 200 vertical metres between Khorog and Garden but it seems enough for fruits and vegetables to ripen a week later than the same species grown lower in Khorog. It shows a great influence on the natural environment and its specifics for plants rates. 25 years earlier were planted willows, poplars, juniper, and oleasters. Pamir birch easily distinguished by reddish rind grew up here to a huge size and is widely used by locals for building purposes. Turkestan mountain ash is also can be found here along with wild rose bushes.
East Asian Plants like fluffy cherry, some species of east peach trees, apricots and pears feel also good at high altitudes. Ornamental plants include pear bush.
Hundred thousands of sprigs of forest, ornamental and fruit trees were given to Tajikistan farmers to plant and many new spices introduced to this part of Tajikistan since it was founded in 1931. These days the garden hosts 2300 spices of high vegetation and has a total territory of 624 ha served as the national park.