Getting around

Getting around

Tajikistan getting around

By Air

Tajik Air operates internal flights from Dushanbe to
Khorog – Travel time 1 hr
Khujand -Travel time 1hr
Kulob – Travel time 30 minutes
A flight to Khorog is one of the most technically demanding regularly scheduled flights in the world and is a subject to weather conditions of the region, therefore tickets cannot be reserved or purchased in advance and only sold on first come – first served basis an evening before the flight. Flight to be reconfirmed on the morning of departure day.
Internal flights are subject to frequent cancellations, delays, and overloading of passengers.

By Rail

Tajikistan railroad network is limited by 480 km and does not cover Gorno Badakhshan which makes travel by train in Tajikistan it rather useless as you miss Pamirs – one of the most important country’s highlights. Rail travel in Tajikistan is limited to only 3 directions:
Northern Tajikistan Line
Connecting to Tashkent and the Ferghana Valley
Nau – Proletarsk – Khujand – Kairakkum – Kairakchikum – Mahram – Madaniat- Kanibodom
Central Tajikistan Line
Dushanbe – Hanaka – Cheptura – Regar – Pakhtaabad
Southern Tajikistan Line
Connecting to Termez for international destinations and also connections to Dushanbe and north Tajikistan.
Khoshady – Shaartuz – Qurghonteppa – Dangara- Kulob
Long-distance carriages are usually offered private 4 berth compartments separated by sliding door from the corridor. You can lock the compartment from the inside though train conductors have their own key. Luggage trunks located under bed/seats and extra shelves placed over higher beds. Do not leave your luggage and compartment unattended.

By Road

In Tajikistan, traffic drives on the right. The road network is wide and covers almost every corner of  Tajikistan, though some parts may be seasonally impassable. Please note cars with driving wheel on the right side are forbidden and though it does not cover non-Tajikistan registered vehicles may be a subject for all sort of bribes and traffic police stops. Also, tinted windows are strictly forbidden.
Foreign drivers need the international driving license to drive in Tajikistan. Restricted areas or areas requiring additional permits are listed in Visa&Formalities section.
Traffic Police or The State Traffic Inspectorate (BDA), has checkpoints on the borders of city limits as well as in many cities and at regular intervals along highways outside the cities. Be ready for frequent stops for inspection of the vehicle and the driver’s documents.
Bus: There are minibus services between the major towns when. In the south, buses go to Kurgan-Tyube and Kulyab and as far down as Pyanj and Ayvadaz. Buses to the east reach only around 100km (60 miles), as far as Komsomolabad. Information on timetables and fares can be found at the bus stations.
Taxi: Can be found in all major and minor towns. Many of them would be unlicensed and travelers should agree on a fare in advance. Officially marked taxis are safe, but sharing with strangers should be avoided.