Customs & Border Control

Customs & Border Control

Tajikistan customs and border control

Arriving in Tajikistan whether over a land border or at the airport, you will be required to go thru customs control as well as the border guard.  At customs fill out 2 customs declaration forms. Leave one with customs officer and get stamped another copy for yourself. Retain the declaration until your departure to prove that you are not leaving Tajikistan with more money than you actually brought into the country, otherwise, you may find yourselves answering questions on the course of the money. Forms are available in English and Russian. Make sure that you declare the full amount as well as other valuables on your customs form. The export of antiques and cultural valuables requires special permission.  There are also currency restrictions. Please contact your nearest Tajikistan embassy for specific information on customs requirements.

Immigration cards

  Before border control, you will be required to fill out immigration card, which will contain your personal information, arrival stamp and what’s more important tourism as a reason for the visit. Travelling as a tourist you no longer required to register with local police within 30 days. Hence if you travel with the private visa you must register in nearest OVIR station within 3 days excluding Sunday and official holidays.

OVIR registration

  For longer stays exceeding 30 days travel visa period or travelling in Tajikistan with other than tourist types of visa, you must register with OVIR department of local police stations within 3 days following your arrival date. Not every police station has OVIR department but Murghob, Khorog, Kulob, Dushanbe, and Khujand. The serious penalty of minimum 300 USD per person follows failure on showing a registration ticket at the time of departure. This might result in your flight cancellation and unpleasant procedures which might take up to several days. For registration please provide 2 passport size photos, scans of your passport: photo page and Tajikistan entry stamp page, registration fee receipt paid in the local bank. The procedure might take up to 2 days but negotiate. Some small banknotes above the fee may seriously speed up the procedure.

Import regulations

Amounts not exceeding of 5000 USD do not need to be declared. Goods for personal use may be imported in reasonable quantities by persons of 18 years of age or older without incurring customs duty.

Allowed imports without incurring customs duty:

-Tobacco: 200 Cigarettes or 100 Cigars or 500g of Tobacco
-Alcohol: 2 litres of spirits
-Perfume:  for personal use

Exports which requires additional permits from respective authorities:

-Firearms and weapons
-Psychotropic drugs
-Live animals
-Radioactive substances