To Wakhan Corridor

To Wakhan Corridor

Across Tajikistan to Wakhan Corridor

Explore the mains, taste the mains, experience the mains, in the main and most exciting places of Tajikistan


Day 1 DushanbeKalai Khumb
Day 2 Kalai Khumb
Day 3 Kalai Khumb-Khorugh
Day 4 KhorughIshkoshim
Day 5 IshkoshimLangar
Day 6 Langar
Day 7 IshkoshimKhorughKalai Khumb
Day 8 Kalai KhumbDushanbe


Tourists 5 10
Per person in USD 639 867
Transport 4×4 jeep 4×4 jeeps
Water 1L. bottled water p/p 1L. bottled water p/p
Guide (speaks your language) (speaks your language)
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