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Victory Park

With the best views over the city, this hilltop park makes a tranquil spot in which to enjoy a shaded stroll. The park encompasses a well-kept WWII monument and there is a teahouse selling brews of all sorts (including beer). Sitting in one of the leafy bowers watching the sunset is a classic capital pastime.

Kasri Millat

Kasri Millat (The Palace of the Nation)

The Palace of the Nation or the Kazari Millat is the residence of the President of Tajikistan, intended for the reception of heads of government and states arriving in the country on official visits.
It should be noted that the Palace is part of the complex, which includes the Flag Square, Rudaki Park, the National Library, the National Museum and several other buildings.

It is located in the center of the capital of the republic in Dushanbe in the depths of a green massif, near the park of Rudaki.

Kokhi Navruz

On the walls – stories from ancient legends, on the ceiling – old-fashioned patterns of wood, which are made mainly by masters from Isfara. Around the “Kokhi Navruz” is planted a garden: here and Sequoia, and fir, and plum, and chestnut, and maple, and evergreen and deciduous magnolia, and acacia, and pine, and cypress and birch. The height of the central building is 46 meters, and the area “Kohi Navruz” with 12 rooms, adjacent gazebos, trestles, and fountains – about three hectares.
Initially, the complex “Kokhi Navruz” (Navruz Palace) was planned as a chaikhana, but during the construction, it turned into a real palace. In the “Kohi Navruz” – 12 unusual halls, each of which is made in its own special style. The complex has an art room, a banquet hall, a stone hall with carved decoration, a plaster hall with mirrors, two VIP halls. At the same time, it is ready to receive 3 thousand 200 guests. All rooms of the palace are decorated by local masters-craftsmen: there is wood carving, and Florentine mosaic from local semiprecious stones, mosaic of colored mirrors, painted ceilings.

Park Iram

Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan

To describe this city a book with 1,000 pages is not enough. It is better if you see it yourself.  Botanical Garden is located in the northern part of the left bank of Dushanbe. Botanical Garden is located in Ismail Somoni district in Dushanbe and exits to the west side on the edge of the river bank –Dushanbinka.

The central entrance to the garden is organized from the east. Alley exits to the glass greenhouse where from are started alleys and roads of Botanical Garden. In the northern part of the Botanical Garden is located the area of Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Botanical Garden was established in Dushanbe in the middle of1930s.
At the entrance to the garden are growing trees planted by the first members of the Institute of Botany in the middle of1930s. In the botanical garden are collecting samples of trees and bushes from almost all corners of the world, many of which are already included in the Red Book of Nature.
Botanical Garden is one of the places of rest of citizens and place for educational tourism. In 2007, on the north side of the greenhouse was to create an ethnographic reserve of folk architecture in the open air. Here at the garden were built traditional houses of inhabitants of different regions of Tajikistan and special buildings – alouhona (the Taj, Lang. – Summer Dutch oven) mehmonkhona (living room), a hamom (bath), dairies mills and so on. According to a new project on the territory of the garden were brought and built wooden aivans (arbor) encrusted with eastern ornament. Near dozen of aivans were installed animal sculptures and benches for visitors. Garden “Iram” turned into a recreation park of citizens here are mainly carried out mass-cultural activities of the city. On weekends are held exhibitions of craftsmen, artists, and local businesses.